About Justice For Wildlife

Justice for Wildlife is a resource run by Shamini Jayanathan, a British barrister living in Kenya who has spearheaded a number of innovative criminal justice solutions in the sphere of wildlife protection and counter-terrorism across Africa.  By sharing expertise and experience, it is hoped this resource can generate a more holistic approach to criminal justice capacity building with interventions and solutions capable of impacting the trial of all types of criminal offending.

Shamini practised as a criminal barrister for nearly 16 years in the Crown Courts of the United Kingdom before moving to Kenya in 2012 to work on behalf of the Foreign Commonwealth Office. Focussing initially upon prosecutorial capacity building in the sphere of counter terrorism in Somalia, Somaliland and Kenya, she moved into the field of organised crime and wildlife trafficking.

She continues to engage with criminal justice stakeholders, donors and NGOS in several jurisdictions across Africa in the design and delivery of strategic interventions aimed at achieving a fair and effective prosecution.

She brings a practical approach to legal capacity building reflective of her extensive experience as a criminal barrister and nearly 5 years experience of legal capacity building in Africa.

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Current Appointments

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Director of Legal Strategy and Wildlife Protection

Directing strategic interventions along the criminal justice pathway in Giants Club priority countries.