Launch of Guidance on Criminal Justice Matters in Wildlife Crime

Following on from the report issued in January 2016 (see publications page for all of these documents), a suite of guidance documents has been issued to assist delivery on some of the recommendations: Conducting Surveys of Court Outcomes Drafting Wildlife Offences Sentencing Guidelines Prosecution Services – Guidance on Conduct and Competencies Why these in particular? [...]

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Dogs on Trial – Why Canine Evidence Doesn’t Always Hit the Mark

Sniffer dogs and tracker dogs play a valuable role in the detection of contraband and the routing out of suspects that have departed a crime scene. Particular publicity is attached to their role - Africa Wildlife Foundation (AWF) are well known for their “Canines for Conservation Programme’, deploying dogs and their handlers to key airports [...]

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Why Training Isn’t Enough

            Prosecutor: I’m sorry I need an adjournment, we can't find the exhibits  Judge: I’m not surprised. (The same court exhibit room, East Africa in 2015 and then 2017). As governments, donors and development partners, we spend quite a bit of time telling criminal justice authorities to “work together”.   We [...]

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The Problem With Minimum Sentences

In February this year, Uganda took on the task of drafting sentencing guidelines for wildlife and forestry crime, a first for the African continent that, once adopted, will set Uganda apart and create a precedent for other countries faced with the scourge of wildlife crime, to follow suit. In many jurisdictions across Africa, the [...]

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